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Office Door, Wall, Desk Signs


Office Door Wall  Desk Signs Office door, wall and desk signs with changeable name plates are the ideal addition for every office complex. Office Door, wall signs and desk signs - custom designed by Smart Edge Badges are economical and have a range of applications. The style of our office door, wall and desk signs will add to the décor of your office layout and provide professional concise messages. This means clear guidance for staff and visitors in relation to office doors, walls and reception desks. Office Door Sign Office Door, wall, desk signs all custom designed as [...]

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Funny Desk Signs


FUNNY DESK SIGNS Funny desk signs create a sense of fun in any office.  A sense of humour in the work place environment assists with communication and productivity. A humorous office comment was once provided by Phyllis Diller who said “What I don’t like about office Christmas parties is looking for a job the next day” A funny desk sign along those lines would bring a smile. Funny desk signs lift the spirit in an office and promotes teamwork. It relaxes the environment and creates a culture of where everybody loosens up and gets a greater sense of enjoyment from [...]

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