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Office Door Name Plates


OFFICE DOOR NAME PLATES Office door name plates can be provided in a variety of options. Changeable name plate in frame The name plate placed directly onto the door with strong adhesive The name plate placed in a frame, which is then placed on the door. These office door name plates give you the flexibility to change the name plate. An office door name plate in a frame with a top sliding panel eg Occupied/Vacant. Meeting room door sign with sliding panel The selection of office door name plates will depend on the office usage. If [...]

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Personalised Desk Name Plates


Personalised Desk Name Plates Personalised Desk Name Plates Personalised desk name plates give you the opportunity to select your text for a particular office desk. A personalised desk name plate with your own name and title is an excellent form of introduction to your customers. Also, it adds style to your desk layout, particularly our stands in a polished timber finish. You can also use a personalised desk name plate to direct customers to other departments or provide an instruction when the desk is not attended. At Smart Edge Badges are range of styles and sizes are available. [...]

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