Custom Signs

Custom signs for the departments within an office are essential. The relevant areas are

1. Office Door Signs
2. Office Desk Signs or Name Plate signs
3. Office Wall Signs

Conference Room Sign with sliding top panel. Text can be customised.

Custom Signs – Conference room office door sign with a sliding panel

Office doors require custom signs to identify either the person occupying a particular office, the situation within that office, e.g. Occupied/Vacant, or the use of the office — Consulting Room, Meeting Room, Boardroom, or whatever the purpose.

Smart Edge Badges provides custom signs in the form of office signs for small and large business throughout Australia.

Signs with top sliding panels have a changeable message. One such application is for a Meeting Room. On the left side of the nameplate, you have OCCUPIED and on the right side VACANT. The top panel then slides back and forth, revealing the required message.
These custom signs offer a variety of options. The text can be custom produced to meet your specific requirements — business signs for Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms or Boardrooms.

Signage for office desks provides directions and are a form of introduction. Name plates are particularly helpful for a reception desk. Desk name plates can have, eg. Please ring the bell for service.

Polished timber desk stand with gold base.

Polished timber desk stands with custom signs name plates are a feature of the custom signs. It gives you the flexibility to change staff names, office names or any text on a desk name plate.
Business signs for offices when used on a reception desk are also an excellent form of introduction. They provide a name to the face, which is always helpful for any visitor.
Custom signs for walls or any area that needs a business sign to provide specific information are necessary for any office complex.
Directions such as Entry/Exit – Male/Female toilet signs – Print Room – Exam Room – Therapy Room – Administrative Office – Payments Information, the list is endless.

Wall signs, changeable name plates.

Custom signs – any text, range of colours, sliding panels

At Smart Edge Badges, we make it easy to order.
1. Visit our website
2. View the range
3. Submit the quote form

We will then send you all the pricing details for your custom signs along with the delivery time frame.

We have a quick turnaround.
All artwork and setup are free of charge, along with artwork sent for approval before production.

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