Desk Nameplates

Desk nameplates provide an essential function within every office complex. They are a method of introduction and provide a range of messages for staff, visitors and clients.

Desk Nameplates. Polished timber with customised nameplates

Desk Nameplates – Polished timber with Customised Nameplates

First of all, having the receptionist’s name displayed on a quality desk nameplate is a professional form of introduction to any visitor. Desk nameplates are also handy if you need to give a specific directive. E.g. Please ring the bell for assistance. Also, you may wish to advise the check-in section on a front desk. Maybe you would like a desk nameplate with a humorous quote.  Desk nameplates have numerous applications.

Most noteworthy of desk nameplates from Smart Edge Badges are the following features.

Desk Nameplates - Changeable nameplate with silver metal stand

Desk Nameplates – Changeable Nameplate with Silver Metal Stand.

  1. A range of stands is available for the desk nameplates – polished wood, or metal stands in black, gold or silver.
  2. Also available is a range of double-sided desk stands. You to have a nameplate on either side.
  3. The desk nameplates can be fixed or changeable, depending on the particular application
  4. Polished wood stands have a permanent nameplate, and the metal stands have a slot for changing the desk nameplates
  5. Nameplates come in a range of colour combinations. Depending on the message to be used, the nameplates can be precision engraved or printed with the latest laser technology.
  6. The result for all desk nameplates is a detailed professional message.
  7. Full coloured logos provide the finishing touch to the masterpiece.

Smart Edge Badges is an Australian Company with 20 years of sign making experience.

Desk Nameplates - double sided

Desk Nameplates – Double Sided.

Our team will ensure from the time you place your order to receiving your desk nameplates – the experience will be smooth, and we are only a phone call if you have any questions. Quality products are our hallmark. We specialise servicing customers right around Australia.

We provide a professional artwork & setup service – FREE OF ANY CHARGES.

At Smart Edge Badges we have a creative artwork that has years of experience designing desk nameplates plus a range of additional products for offices around Australia.

For any assistance or advice, please use the Request a Quote form or give us a call on 1300 795 598

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