Desk Signs – Desk Name Plates – Office Desk Name Plates

  • Desk Signs provide clear identification for your reception area. The Desk Name Plates can be custom designed to include whatever text or message you wish to display.
  • The Office Desk Name Plates are available with a range of stands.
  • You can choose from our quality metal stands in black gold or silver. These desk signs come with a changeable name plate, which gives to flexibility to change the message if required.
  • Our prestige polished wood stands are impressive and come with a fixed name plate.
  • The complete range of Office Desk Name Plates give you a wide choice to select a desk sign that best suits your décor.

Desk Name Plates are custom designed to meet your requirements. You can select from an extensive range of fonts and colour substrates. Precision engraving ensures your office desk name plates are professional in every respect.

Your clients and visitors will be impressed.

  • Smart Edge Badges provide Desk Signs, Desk Name Plates to customers in all Australian States.
  • Our precision engraving ensures your company brand is presented professionally to clients and visitors.
  • Desk name plates are ideal for front counters, reception areas and other desks/reception areas that require a clear message displayed.
  • Our graphics team will consult with your company and ensure that all the elements eg font, name plate colour and stand are combined in a package to give you the desk sign best for your application.
  • Desk Name Plates are our speciality! We supply desk signs to business organisations, government departments, colleges and schools, medical centres, hospitals etc

The choice between a distinctly finished metal stand or a polish wood stand, gives you choice for your desk sign.

Changeable name plates are used in the metal stands and fixed name plates are supplied with the polished wooden stands. That gives you choices.

Greg or Chris will discuss with you the best options for your desk signs.

Simply fill out the quote form, submit and we will get back to you pronto with all the details.

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