In Use Sign/Vacant Sign – Our Speciality

The In Use/Vacant Sign gives you the flexibility to change the message in an instant. Ideal for an office door where the room is used for a range of meetings.

Simply slide the front panel from one side to the other and reveal the message required. In Use or Vacant.

The text can be customised to suit your requirements.

The In Use/Vacant sign is produced with the Smart Edge Badges precision engraving technology. The result is a professional sign in every respect.

Exceptional in every way with enduring quality.

We customise the text on your signs as per your requirements. The top sliding panel could have the room name such as Conference Room, Meeting Room, Board Room, Training Room, Rest Room. The choice is yours!

Smart Edge Badges specialise in the production of the In Use/Vacant sign. You can have the choice from a range of sizes. Various colour combinations are also available. Another feature is choice of colours for the holder. They are made from lightweight aluminium and come in a choice of silver or black. Ideal for any office door.

Application is easy. The signs come with a strong adhesive. You simply remove the tab and apply to the door. Job done!

Smart Edge Badges is an Australian company and we have been servicing customers in all Australian States with the In Use/Vacant sign for over a decade.

Greg or Chris will handle your order from your initial contact to through to finalising the delivery of your In Use/ Vacant sign order.

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