Office Occupied Signs & Office Vacant Signs

Office Occupied Signs & Office Vacant Signs give you flexibility.  A great way to easily let people know whether the office is occupied or vacant.These sliding signs enable you to change the message on the office door in an instant.

Office Occupied Signs & Office Vacant Signs

Particularly where offices have a multi purpose use. There may be a range of personnel with access to a particular office. It is convenient to let staff and visitors know in an instant as to whether the office is occupied or vacant.

Office Occupied Signs & Office Vacant Signs come in a variety of colours and sizes.

At Smart Edge Badges we can match the sliding sign with the best colour combination to match your office décor.

They are ideally suited for a Meeting Room or Conference Room. The top sliding panel can have the room title and this panel simply moves back and forth. Making it easy to change the room status from Occupied to Vacant. Really convenient.

All our Office Occupied Signs & Office Vacant Signs are made with high quality materials. The frames are a lightweight aluminium and available in matt black or silver. They are stylish and will give a high quality look to any office door. Our precision engraving ensures the perfect finish for the message on the substrate.

As we custom design all signs, you can select any text for the office occupied signs & office vacant signs. You may wish to convey an alternative message such as engaged/vacant, vacant/in use etc.

The top sliding panel gives you a range of options depending on the room you wish to use the sign. You could have Consultation Room, Changing Room, First Aid Room, Prep Room, Conference Room, Meeting Room, Boardroom, Treatment Room, Nursing Room, Interview Room and so the list goes on. We will precision engrave any room title you require on the top sliding panel.

Office Occupied Signs & Office Vacant Signs

  • Flexibility
  • Easy to use
  • Any text
  • Custom designed
  • Range of colours
  • Range of sizes
  • Range of fonts
  • Easy to apply
  • Lightweight aluminium frames in black or silver
  • Precision engraved text
  • Quick turnaround
  • Easy order

The ordering process is easy

  • Open the Products page and scroll down to SLIDING DOOR SIGNS FOR OFFICES
  • Make your choice
  • Go to the QUOTE page and fill out the details with any special requests – submit
  •  Chris or Greg will be in contact with a quote
  • Once you confirm, the artwork will be prepared and sent for your approval
  • Upon receiving your approval the sign/s are completed
  • Turnaround is 2 days

At Smart Edge Badges, Greg & Chris are always available to discuss your order. We look forward to providing your Office Occupied Signs & Office Vacant Signs.

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