Sliding Panel Signs

Sliding panel signs have a range of applications for any office complex. You can choose any text that applies to your particular office door. E.g. Available/In Use, Vacant/Occupied, Enter/Occupied.

Sliding Panel Signs.Conference Room Sign with sliding top panel. Text can be customised.

Sliding Panel Signs. Conference room office door sign with a sliding panel

Furthermore, the slider panel signs are easy to use. Slide the top panel from one side to the other – message changed in an instant.

Also, the sliding panel signs are ideal for Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms and Boardrooms. If an urgent meeting occurs, the sliding panel signs can be switched to read occupied.

  1. Sliding top panel
  2. Easy to use
  3. Range of options with the text
  4. Various sizes & colours

At Smart Edge Badges, our graphics team above all will custom design your sliding panel signs. First of all, is the frame selection. They are available in lightweight aluminium, and you can choose from silver or black. The frames are durable and have a professional presentation. Furthermore, come with protective end caps, which also ensure the top sliding panel does not dislodge.

Sliding Panel Signs. Meeting room sign, sliding top panel. Occupied/Vacant

Sliding Panel Signs. Meeting room door sign with a sliding panel

Then we arrange the colour combination with you for both messages — also the colour for the top sliding panel.

Finally, we put all the details together and complete the artwork for your sliding panel signs. This artwork is then sent to you for approval before production.

The process:

  1. Visit our product range and refer to Sliding Door Signs
  2. Make your selection from images provided
  3. Note any particular changes you require
  4. Complete the quote form and submit

The quotation will then be completed and sent to you for approval.

Sliding panel signs give you flexibility and provide the ability to advise all personnel concerned whether an office is Occupied or Vacant. It is helpful for those within the office, ensuring there is no interruption if a meeting is in progress.

Request a quote, and we will provide all the details.

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