Sliding Signs

  • Sliding Signs offer true versatility. Sliding door signs are multifunctional and give you the choice to change the message in an instant.
  • It is important in any office layout to provide clear messages on office doors. That is why sliding signs enable you to advise staff and clients the situation within any office. A sliding door sign can advise if an office is Occupied/Vacant by simply moving the top sliding panel from one side to the other.
  • A sliding door sign consists of a backing name plate that can have any text. You choose the message you want to display.
  • For example you may wish to have Occupied/Vacant, In Session/Available, Do Not Disturb/Welcome, In/Out, In Use/Available, Available/Unavailable, Do Not Enter/Enter, Meeting In Progress/Vacant.

  • The backing name plates for the sliding door signs come in a wide range of colour combinations. Visit our website at smartedgebadgesand request a quote for your sliding signs. We can then provide you with all the details re colour choice for your sliding door signs.
  • The front panel slides back and forth on a separate track. This sliding panel reveals the message on either side of the sliding sign. Eg In Session on one side, Available on the other. The holder for the sliding sign has end caps at either end. This prevents the panel from accidently being pushed out of the holder.
  • On the front panel of the sliding sign you have the choice of placing your own message. Choose one that fits your own individual need. Conference Room, Meeting Room, Board Room, Consulting Room, Treatment Room, First Aid Room, Exam Room, Rest Room. The text for your sliding door sign is your choice.
  • The artwork & setup is free of charge. No matter what text you choose we custom design the sliding signs to meet your requirements. Prior to production the artwork is sent to you for your final approval. This makes sure that you are entirely satisfied with the layout of your sliding door sign.

  • Precision engraving ensures that your sliding door sign is professional in every respect. The signs are impeccable in detail. We understand the importance of an office layout and the essential function of traffic flow within your offices.
  • Your order will be handled by Greg or Chris. They will ensure the process is easy and that any question you need answered, will be dealt with promptly and efficiently.
  • Smart Edge Badges is proudly an Australian company and we despatch our sliding door signs to all States in Australia.
  • Simply fill out the quote form on our website and we will get back to you with all the details for your sliding door signs.

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